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e-Commerce – The Variety Spice

e-Commerce – The Variety Spice

The manager of a superstore was surprised to see his newest salesman ushering a man out the door with multiple signed contracts in hand. The customer left with a new boat, SUV and enough new tackle to outfit the boat for an extended period of time. The man actually seemed very happy with his purchase and the new salesman almost seemed like the customers best friend.

The manager was impressed and was curious how the young man had convinced the customer to make so many expensive purchases.

When the customer was safely on the road with his new boat gleaming behind him the manager approached his employee and said, “The guy comes in for a fishing hook and you send him home with thousands of dollars worth of merchandise. How’d you do it?”

The employee looked at his boss sheepishly and replied, “Aw, it was easy. When he told me he needed cough medicine for his wife I told him he should consider the weekend lost and just go fishing. Apparently he thought it was a good idea.”

You may have heard this or a similar story before, but the overall point of the story is powerful, you can never be too sure what will motivate a potential customer to make a purchase. Sometimes the thing they thought they wanted was not close to what they ultimately bought.

It is common for individuals looking for a replacement automobile to have a price and vehicle type fixed in their mind, but they will walk out of the showroom and climb into a vehicle they had no intention of purchasing when they entered the dealership.

When dealing with ecommerce you may want to devise knowledge-based content that approaches your primary site subject from multiple stylistic points of view. Did you know it is possible to write multiple articles about the same subject and still find new ways to express something you may have thought was covered in one article?

For instance, you might use vivid imagery in one article while dealing with facts and statistics in another. One article might draw from experts in the field while another is primarily the testimonial of a satisfied customer. The point is each article may deal with the same subject, but are viewed as uniquely different.

Just as we all learn in different ways so it is with how we accept marketing statements. Help your customers connect with your business in a way that makes the most sense to them.

I’m not one that responds favorably to the appeals of a telemarketer, but if you send me a personalized (not form) letter or even a personal email and present facts regarding the product I may be willing to give the product a fair review. After so many meals interrupted by telemarketers this approach no longer has any personal marketing value.

Make knowledge-based content something that can connect with many different types of consumers. A varying approach in style may help you help your customer. In helping them you are most likely able to help yourself.

Wanda Mays

Diva of e-Commerce


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